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How do you feel?

  • Did you wake up angry? Or do you feel that it will be a good, proactive day?
  • Are you on holiday and feel relaxed? Or are you tired and bored of everyday life?
  • Do you have a fantastic love story and you are walking in the clouds? Or are you unhappy about the end of your relationship?
  • Are you focusing on your study or work?

Logo Feel BetterFeel Better helps you to live again your happiest times and respond to sad events recording your emotional states and adding videospicturesmusic and linkstext (notes, lyrics, quotations, ideas, memories) and tags allowing you to create an emotional diary that you can live again when you want.

Did you have an heavy period? Do you think it’s time to take a break and to relax a bit?

Let’s check the recent weeks calendar and look how many off days you had! Then Feel Better helps you to overcome bad times reminding you of the happy moments, to cheer you up!

  1. Customizing the 18 Emotions adding multimedia files
  2. Recording of your emotional states at any time, linking multimedia files (videos, pictures, music), text and tags
  3. Positive events become your ‘coach’ during hard times: the self-help creates a movie related to your positive moments
  4. Playback of a movie made of emotional states recorded in the past
  5. Calendar that displays your emotional states every day
  6. Sharing with Facebook your emotional states

Positive emotions can support the happiness of the individual

Feel Better is freely inspired by the ‘Positive Psychology’ theory

“We believe that a psychology of positive human functioning will arise, which achieves a scientific understanding and effective interventions to build thriving in individuals, families, and communities.”[1]

“…to find and nurture genius and talent” and ”to make normal life more fulfilling”[2]

Feel Better helps you to create a Virtuous cycle of your life and to reflect about yourself in a lighter but convincing way.

[1]Seligman, Csikszentmihalyi. “Positive Psychology: An introduction

[2]Compton, William C. “An Introduction to Positive Psychology

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