10 Good Ideas

It’s a free and creative laboratory which develops applications for mobile, in particular for the Apple platform (iOS).

It was born from the union of a group of professionals that after years of experience in the computer science sector have linked their common passion: develop applications that can help people during their everyday life, make them think, entertain them and be helpful. Our objective is to transform our most useful ideas in reality, helping to improve people’s life.

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Feel Better: our first Idea

Our first application is called Feel Better and was born with the goal of improving the quality of living of people by living again their most happy moments and react to the worst moments.

Feel Better is freely based on the theory of positive psychology that, compared to traditional psychology, tries to bring out the individual talent or, more simply, make a common life become a special one, studying benefits for the person and the community of positive emotions and events like states of pleasure,self confidence, exaltation of his virtues and passions.

The application allows you to record your emotional states with a choice of appropriately classified emotions; associate to them multimedia content (video, images , music), notes and tags to create a real emotional diary to be reviewed at any moment. Feel Better, on the basis of this classification, is able to offer a selection of extracts from positive emotional states.

The more it will be used to record feelings and the reasons behind them, the more it will be able to make you live again your most beautiful moments.

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